Nationwide Real Estate and Moving
by BHIF Relocation Group

Selling or buying a home and relocating is considered to be one of life’s most stressful events. However, you don’t have to do it all yourself.

The Solution: The Relocation TRIP® Kit is best described by relating to your own individual relocation experiences. Did you ever have to plan your own move because your employer did not provide any assistance? If your move was even partially paid, were you still left with all the hassles? BHIF’s product, the Relocation TRIP® Kit, provides executive-level coordination and relocation management services previously only available through fully reimbursed company benefit programs. The Relocation TRIP® Kit includes:

This site also offers free resources and services to help you with the actual moving process, including rental assistance, buying and selling a home, moving your household goods, and more. BHIF provides you free relocation information and assistance found on this site.

Relocation TRIP® Kit Services

The Kit Includes

Departure Services

Transition Services

Destination Services

Settling-in Services

Relocation Services

For Individuals

  • 24/7 Online Personal Access
  • Personal Relocation Counselors
  • Credits & Rebates That Exceed the Cost of the Kit

Relocation TRIP® Kit

For HR Departments (or Equivalent)

For REALTOR® - BHIF Network Members

For Strategic Partner Alliances


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