After researching my relocation/move, I know I can do some of the work on my own. What assistance can BHIF Relocation Group provide?

BHIF can provide whatever help you need on a professional level with maximum convenience. BHIF has a 7-year proven track record, executives with more than 30 years of relocation experience, validation references, and choices that allow you to design your level of participation with BHIF:

  • BHIF offers a menu of a la carte services and a Personal Relocation Counselor to work with.
  • BHIF offers a flat fee, executive level product where your dedicated Personal Relocation Counselor coordinates departure, transition, destination and settling-in relocation/move resources.
  • The BHIF Relocation TRIP® Kit includes up to $2500 in cash rebates and service use credits that more than offset the tax deductible $995 product cost.

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What advantages does BHIF Relocation Group’s Relocation TRIP® Kit have over the free resources and menu of services it offers?

This flat fee relocation product provides your own Personal Relocation Counselor, full executive level relocation coordination, 24/7 on-line access to your own pass worded, event tracking database, telephone and email communications with your counselor, and better pricing from volume discounts and credits from a variety of household name relocation providers. Specific benefits include:

  • On-line consumer access to your own, privacy protected, event tracking, personal database that can be preserved (archived) for future relocation/moves.
  • Relocation coordination for all four events: departure, transition, destination and settling-in.
  • Real rebates and credits because of volume pricing, competition, and fulfillment agreements.
  • Rebates and credits with values up to $2500 more than offsets the Relocation TRIP® Kit cost.
  • Answers to more than 100 relocation questions and challenges, cost savings and stress relief.

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Is it really true BHIF TRIP® Kit customers get the best prices and how can I be assured of this?

The Relocation TRIP® Kit has 3 areas of contribution to the service use credits and rebates. Rather than charge marketing fees to the various fulfillment partners, BHIF passes on their potential marketing contribution on to consumer users as credits. These service use credits result from volume discounts to BHIF and are incorporated into the Relocation TRIP® Kit for its users. Points to consider:

  • The areas of participation are: $250 to $500 van line credit, dependent on volume or dollar size of household goods transportation; $500 mortgage closing cost credit; and a real estate commission rebate participation based on the price of each house.
  • The household goods providers are offered by the BHIF Move Center and are coordinated by the St. Vrain Move Center, in Longmont, CO. St. Vrain owns franchises in the Allied, Global, and North American Van line businesses. It is also free to book with United and other major providers. In the event the user finds a different provider and the $ 250 credit is not earned, the cost savings to the Relocation TRIP® Kit user still exceeds the cost of the product.
  • If only one side of the two sides (house list and buy) is used, the cash rebates are cut in half.
  • If the credits and rebates are all a prospective buyer considers and they are not worth it, the prospective purchaser of the BHIF product may opt instead for the BHIF a la carte menu service.

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The Relocation TRIP® Kit contains "real estate commission rebates." What are real estate commission rebates? Am I eligible for a real estate commission rebates?

Rebates are the payment to a real estate principal of a portion of the referral fee received by BHIF Relocation Group. In an effort to assist you in saving money during the home purchase/sale process, we offer a limited real estate commission rebate. If you use the agent we refer to you for the entire process of either buying or selling a home and are not receiving a discount, you are eligible for a rebate. If you are only using the agent for a single service (e.g. purchase and sale contract preparation), a series of single services, or a discounted fee, you are not eligible for a rebate.

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What about the impact on commission rebates due to For Sale By Owners commonly caled FSBOs (homeowners not selling through a REALTOR®) and franchises like Help-U-Sell® that discount the real estate commission and significantly reduce or eliminate referral fees?

Generally, if there is a combination of credits, the transportation and mortgage credits more than offset the $995 Relocation TRIP® Kit cost and still provide cost savings from volume pricing discounts. The additional Relocation TRIP® Kit features of a dedicated Personal Relocation Counselor, executive level relocation coordination and an on-line access to a private, personal, event tracking database can more than make up for the reduced cash rebates. If not, the BHIF a la carte menu with a Personal Relocation Counselor is an option.

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Relocation firms offer a variety of move/relocation packages that offer different levels of service. How does BHIF Relocation Group’s Relocation TRIP® Kit compare?


Category Fixed-Fee Product > $2,500 Credits + Rebates (offsets product costs) Personal Relocation Counselor Direct Consumer Input + Tracking Control Internet Access 24/7 to Database
Retail Market Suppliers
BHIF Relocation Group Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Movingstation.com No No Yes No No
REALTOR® Specialists No No No No No
Other No No No No No
Self-Service Transferee (see Note 1)
Third-Party Suppliers To Transferee Include:
Mostermoving.com No No No No No
Homestore.com No No No No No
Field-based Movers (see Note 2)
Allied International No No No No No
United International No No No No No
North American No No No No No
Global No No No No No

Note l: Some consumers use the Yellow Pages, while others respond to a particular supplier’s ad seen in other media. Some mortgage and moving companies try to offer the necessary multiple services, but offer no coordination or competitive packages. Monstermoving.com and Homestore.com do not provide a Personal Relocation Counselor, personalized service, or assistance. Before the introduction of BHIF’s products, no packaged solution existed for all four categories: departure, transition, destination, and settling-in.

Note 2: Many companies have relocation capabilities, such as SIRVA Relocation, but they do not compete in the retail market, which is 1 to 50 moves.

The big third-party relocation companies do not actively seek a smaller corporation’s business or cater to an individual transferee because they must build their business based on a large volume of employee relocations for a particular company in order to cover overhead expenses. Even relocation moving companies such as SIRVA Relocation (whose parent holding company owns Allied, North American, and Global) cannot address volumes from 2 to 40 moves per year.

The BHIF offerings provide executive level coordination comparable to these relocation firms, only the a la carte services and products are directed at and for the benefit of the individual transferee: These include:

  • Lower fixed business overheads resulting in the direct pass through of volume pricing, cash and credits to BHIF coordinated consumer/transferee, BHIF’s ability to make profit on a 1-unit purchase versus the volume purchases (in excess of 50 needed for a relocation company).
  • Your own dedicated BHIF Personal Relocation Counselor that you can interview as part of the BHIF relationship development process - Debbie Starr at BHIF Relocation Group, Inc., 888-339-3130.
  • A private, personal 24/7 access Internet database for event tracking and accounting, which is updated by your Personal Relocation Counselor.
  • A disclosure and services agreement underlying the welcome letter and dedicated to the BHIF customer and transferee.
  • A process for comments by BHIF customers with personal replies from their Personal Relocation Counselor to immediately correct problems in the process.
  • Technology that encourages transferee/kit users to participate on-line through web site communication and database updates. This opportunity adds flexibility, personal response, and current updates to event tracking and accounting for and by the transferee.

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Several van lines offer complete relocation packages (United’s ownership of Primacy is an example) and SIRVA, a Relocation company that owns several van lines. They all attempt to incorporate relocation service into the value chain of their business clients needs. How do you compete with these offerings?

BHIF doesn’t. BHIF’s offering is mainly directed at employers with 1 to 50 transferees per year. The big third-party companies do not actively seek smaller company business or cater to an individual mover, as they must build their business based on volume in order to cover overhead expenses. BHIF’s Move Center is managed by the St. Vrain Move Center. St. Vrain owns 3 separate franchises featuring Allied, North American, and Global Van Lines. St. Vrain is free to quote United and other transportation providers.

From an HR department point of view, BHIF expects that they look at this product: as a package of services, as their being able to purchase this package and then passing on the package to any and all employees. That is where the HR department’s involvement ends. This view is compared to the process when an employer contracts directly with a third-party vendor they continue their involvement throughout the entire relocation, making decisions, advancing equity, administering policy, etc. With the Relocation TRIP® Kit, the employer purchases a product/package and then hands it off. Deal done. Whether the moving employee takes advantage of all the services, credits, rebates, etc. is their issue and not one for the employer.

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What do individual users say about how the Relocation TRIP®Kit works for them?

See our Testimonials section. Also and in general, both the company and individual users are fully satisfied with the process, services, credits, and rebates. Generally, a user initially considers only the moving challenge. But one of the kit’s users was transferring to Fairbanks, Alaska, renting and needed utility, medical, and other demographic information. They were pleased BHIF could help them in these areas. Others have been impressed with the accounting reconciliation section in their tracking database. The BHIF Relocation TRIP® Kit connects the various aspects of relocation service in a way that has not been seen before by taking a centralized approach. The average person who is moving (whether part of a company relocation or just a move across town) does not have the experience or knowledge to know all elements of a move right from the start. BHIF’s product ties it all together with the guidance and expertise of the Personal Relocation Counselor.

There has been across-the-board support for the coordination help by and access to BHIF Personal Relocation Counselors headed by Debbie Starr. BHIF encourages you to call her at BHIF Relocation Group, Inc., 888-339-3130 and talk about your questions.

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If I purchase the Relocation TRIP® Kit how do I know BHIF will be around in the future for my archival database rights? What are the points of competitive superiority that protect BHIF in the future? How is the market moving and what is BHIF’s answer to this challenge?

There is not a way to guarantee that BHIF will be around in 50 to 60 years. However, the business model is strong, and the technology protected. It is likely that BHIF would be sold to a successor in interest and not go out of business. In such case, archival record-keeping for transferee original tracking databases would be considered normal business practice.

There are 4 levels of protection based on both technology and process that create difficulty in competitive duplication. For example, recent reports have disclosed that GMAC wrote off a $12 million software design effort to develop a comparable retail relocation business model. The database, separate technology, and market evolution are reviewed below.

The developers of the BHIF database are principals in BHIF and have a long record of prior success. Their record of database achievement includes the design of the Ford Truck Division inventory control system, MBNA, and the NH Liquor Commission database. The 4 levels are:

  • Copy-written database and its unique features re:
    • structure.
    • adaptability without redesign.
    • multilevel passwording - counselor updates and selective transferee updates are allowed.
    • on-line access.
    • established plan or improvements including incorporation with pending patent technology.
  • Patent-pending technology - available but not featured.
  • Virtual service process which adapts to Sigma-7 configurations.
  • Back-up process tools not yet introduced to benefit FSBOs and select REALTOR® networks.

Briefly, BHIF’s technology addresses the fact that one of the most important aspects of a successful relocation is keeping track of the many move-related activities, which typically number more than 100. Tracking multiple items for multiple clients, each with a unique set of preferences and requirements is not a simple task. In 1995 BHIF began development of a precursor proprietary software program subsequently known as the File Activity Tracking Format System (Fatform® System). This sophisticated extended relational database system provides a user-friendly interface with 24/7 Internet access for clients and Personal Relocation Counselors. The proprietary software is designed around two open source software packages and can be updated without rewrites.

The system has been designed such that many screens can be easily changed to accommodate the needs of BHIF’s corporate clients, which include customized intranet and Internet pages. The methods and apparatus patent application integrating this technology with the database proprietary software has been submitted to the U.S. Patent Office. The patent is currently under review. The technology features a neural network capability that will be integrated into the copyrighted database in about 3 years in order to advance well beyond then competitive offerings.

BHIF’s advisors and operating team see the market evolving in 3 directions. BHIF is well positioned to take advantage of all 3 opportunities.

  • The biggest trend that HR departments have noticed regarding overall corporate benefits is the push for employees to be able to take responsibility for making decisions and administering changes for their own benefit. Specifically, HR departments are being downsized as more options become available through the use of the Internet. However, the resources need to exist on the Internet. Also, as more corporations move away from offering full-reimbursement programs, the Relocation Trip® Kit offers a viable transition or alternative to employers and employees alike.
  • The success stories of Internet-based businesses, such as eBay™, are centered on the fact that anyone and everyone can take advantage of utilizing a centralized and coordinated center for accomplishing a goal. In other words, a person can buy or sell their goods, but do so through a resource that helps to display, coordinate and finalize the transaction. The Relocation Trip® Kit also offers a way for a person to accomplish a total move through one centralized resource and still be in control of making decisions regarding the various elements of the entire process.
  • At the Rocky Mountain Relocation Council Regional Relocation Conference during the month of April 2004, the featured speaker was Chris Coley, Executive Vice President of the Employee Relocation Council (ERC). In his presentation he showed statistics that companies full service relocations are declining due to the high cost of relocations for companies that administer policies that provide home purchase, amended value, and buyer value option programs. He mentioned another interesting trend for companies is to require employees to relocate themselves. The slide read: Step Right Up and Transfer Yourself! The rationale for this is that the younger workers are more tech-savvy, have access to more electronic information, technology, and inNovation, which means more opportunity for employee involvement, trending more to self service.

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What makes the Relocation TRIP® Kit unique, and different than other relocation products and services?

You will find the level of service use credits and real estate commission rebates available through the Relocation TRIP® Kit to be very generous.

Personal Relocation Counselors are typically made available only to those relocating under fully-paid executive level relocation benefit programs. Our counselors and interactive relocation tools don’t just point you in the right direction, they actually help coordinate all aspects of your relocation.

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What value does the $995 Relocation TRIP® Kit provide someone who is relocating?

By taking full advantage of the services provided through the Relocation TRIP® Kit you can receive credits toward the cost of services used and real estate commission rebates as high as $2,500.

You will be assigned a professional Personal Relocation Counselor to assist you in selecting needed services, coordinating all aspects of your relocation and resolving problems that may arise.

The discounts, service use credits and rebates made available from our network of relocation service partners provide benefits that are not available on an individual basis.

The system provides various status reports via the Internet for tracking all aspects of your move, including expense tracking for easy reporting to the IRS and / or your employer.

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Will I be asked to sign a contract prior to using the Relocation TRIP® Kit?

After purchasing the Kit, your Personal Relocation Counselor will send a Services Disclosure and Referral Agreement which includes an explanation of how the credits and rebates work (view a sample of credits and rebates available). You will be asked to sign a Services Disclosure and Referral Agreement, which establishes your eligibility to receive and our service partner’s ability to provide service use credits and real estate commission rebates. There are No other BHIF Relocation Group contracts to be signed or hidden fees beyond the $995 cost of the Relocation TRIP® Kit. Any contracts required by service providers, such as movers, brokers, lawyers and appraisers, to commence work on your behalf, as well as their fees for services provided will be your responsibility.

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Am I limited to using the service providers recommended by BHIF Relocation Group?

No. While our job is to recommend qualified, professional and cost-effective service providers with proven track records, you will select which service providers are actually used. We prefer using our existing network of cooperating service partners where the coordination of service delivery may be more reliable and we know who to call if anything goes wrong during a relocation. However, the ultimate decision as to how your moving dollars are spent is up to you.

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Why can’t I use the Internet to find service providers and coordinate my own relocation?

You can. However, many people find the multitude of options and decisions add to the stress and confusion often associated with relocating. Our Personal Relocation Counselors do this every day and have the experience and resources necessary to help you select appropriate service providers and quickly resolve unexpected challenges. Chances are you don’t have the time to research service providers, interview them, negotiate favorable fee schedules and track their performance. Why throw darts at the phone book when we have already done the research and can remove most of the hassles and guesswork?

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How does the Relocation TRIP® Kit help coordinate all aspects of my relocation?

One of the most important aspects of a successful relocation is keeping track of all the move related activities, which typically number more than 100. In 1995 BHIF began development of its proprietary software program, the File Activity Tracking Format System. This easy-to-use, yet sophisticated extended relational database system is available 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week to assist you and your Personal Relocation Counselor through a well coordinated move, with as little stress as possible.

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What are the service hours of the Personal Relocation Counselor?

A Personal Relocation Counselor is available via email or by telephone at 888-339-3130 during regular business hours. Transferees in the middle of a move will usually be able to contact their Personal Relocation Counselor during extended hours as well as on weekends if necessary. Access to your Relocation TRIP® Kit file is available via the Internet 24/7.

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What geographic areas do you service through the Relocation TRIP® Kit?

Full relocation services are available to and from any city or town within the United States. International relocation assistance is available on a case-by-case basis for a custom fee.

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Can the Relocation TRIP® Kit be used by someone without access to the Internet?

Absolutely. Perhaps you have decided to relocate to a different climate and would appreciate the convenience and support of a Personal Relocation Counselor, but don’t want to use the Internet and/or email. No problem. Clients are welcome to communicate with us via just email or the telephone and our Personal Relocation Counselors will be happy to input and track all the move related activities as well as remind you what needs to be done next.

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What type of clients use the Relocation TRIP® Kit?

Individuals relocating on their own or employees receiving partial, lump sum or No benefits from their employer appreciate the personal service provided with the Relocation TRIP® Kit. Human resource departments purchase the Relocation TRIP® Kit as a benefit for relocating employees who are not eligible for a fully reimbursed move package and will often assign the service use credits and rebates to their employee as an additional benefit. The vast majority of individuals and families faced with a relocation will benefit financially and gain peace of mind by using the Relocation TRIP® Kit. Read comments from Relocation TRIP® Kit users and HR department managers in our Testimonials section.

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What payment options are there for purchasing the Relocation TRIP® Kit?

The $995 purchase price can be paid for by anyone, however it is typically bought by the person relocating or their employer. Payment can be made via American Express, Visa, MasterCard or check. The cost of the Relocation TRIP® Kit may also be billed directly to your employer if we have received prior approval to do so. All service contracts and expenses associated with your relocation (van line, mortgage company, appraiser, inspector, real estate agent, temporary residence, etc.) are your and / or your employer’s responsibility.

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Once I sign up, is there a time period within which I must use the Relocation TRIP® Kit services?

No. We will work with you to coordinate and schedule delivery of the relocation services you need to ensure a successful move, regardless of how long it takes to start or complete.

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Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes. Our money-back guarantee provides a full refund of the Relocation TRIP® Kit fee if you have not used any aspect of the services in the package within 30 days of payment.

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What does TRIP® stand for?

Tailored Relocation Individualized Program.

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Is the information about my move kept private and secure?

Yes. BHIF Relocation Group and its subsidiaries respect subscriber privacy and personal information, and thus will not release such information without the express permission of the subscriber, except to a strategic partner when needed to provide services to the subscriber, such as for moving van scheduling. You can review our complete Privacy Policy, or contact us with any questions you may have.

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Who is BHIF Relocation Group?

We have been headquartered in Etna, NH for nine years and own a number of companies, such as Home Referral Network and InterDiamond Mobility Services, which provide relocation related assistance to individuals and corporations. BHIF’s management team and employees have many years of relocation service experience and are well qualified to assist you in determining and delivering the appropriate services required to meet your needs.

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How do I contact BHIF Relocation Group if all my questions have not been answered?

us or call 888-339-3130.

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